Welcome Winter!

It’s a few days past the WInter Solstice / Yule.  I hope everyone’s Yule was great.  It’s been pretty chilly here lately.  We haven’t had any snow yet, but hopefully we will before Winter is over.  


Autumn is here!

Yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year again.  I love the warm days and cool nights.  Today I did a little yard work.  I had to trim back some bushes and I also planted some bulbs.  I can’t wait to see what they look like this Spring.  I hope they are pretty! I’ll be sure to take some pictures this Spring and post them here.

I know I haven’t posted here since April, but I have been keeping on a regular schedule of podcasting! 🙂

Spring cleaning!

I don’t think it’s going to storm here after all so I’ll go ahead and post this! 🙂

I have been loving this Spring weather.  We have had some warm days and cool days and it’s been really nice.  I’ve started by doing some long over due yard work.  There is an overgrown rose garden in my yard that needed some serious work.  I went in and pulled all the weeds out of it and cut down the bushes that weren’t supposed to be there.  I also cut back the three rose bushes that were left.  They have gotten straggly.  I cut them down so they would grow back nicer and more healthy.

In this patch was three cedar trees.  I wanted to keep all three, but they need room to grow, so I cut the one in the middle down.  I didn’t want to do this, but the other two needed the room.  Now the garden looks so much better.  I have the two cedars, the rose bushes, and a lavender plant.  I have daffodils in there too, but they’ve already bloomed and gone away for the season.

I’ll have to take a picture on a sunny day and post it on my Flicker.  I’m not sure if I’m going to plant anything else in there.

As for the bird bath, last year I had lavender plants around it but I transplanted them.  I want to plant some pretty flowers around it.  I have three different seedlings growing in biodegradable pots.  As soon as they are a little bigger, I’m going to put them around the bird bath.

I’ve been keeping the bird bath filled with water and the bird feeder filled with seed.  It’s been nice to be outside doing things because it hasn’t gotten so hot and humid yet.  It will in a month or so, so I’m trying to get as much done now as I can!

As for in the house, I’ve been cleaning areas that get neglected.  Corners of my room that were full of dust are now clean and free of dust!  It’s nice.  Now on the next sunny day, I want to do more yard work.

I love Spring. It makes me want to clean and get things ready for Summer.  If the weather would stay just like it is all Spring and into Summer, I would be a happy little Witch!

Stormy weather

I am sitting in the room that I can use my laptop and look out the window.  I have the screen in place and the window up.  The breeze coming in is rather nice.  It’s starting to storm.  Here is a view from where I’m sitting:

If it looks a bit off, it was taken with my cell phone and the screen is in the way.  It actually looks brighter in the picture than it does outside!

This is the first day in a while we’ve had any rain. It’s just lightly sprinkling at the moment.  I have been doing some yard work and house spring cleaning.  All do another post for that.  If you listen to the podcast, you already know about the outside stuff.

Since there might be a thunderstorm brewing (I hear some thunder) it may be much later when I post the other post!

Just FYI

I wanted to let everyone know that you can now get to this site easier.  Just type in:


I had the domain “Wiccagirl.com” for a long time but let it run out last month and was not able to retrieve it. I decided not to worry about it and opened up witchmusings.com instead.  It matches my blog title and it works for me.  I hope to try to post between here and my podcast site more often. 🙂

Lights for the tree… oy vey!

I decided to pull out my Yule tree last night.  I got it up and then started stringing lights.  I found that two of the strands of lights don’t work anymore. 😦  Today I went to…. SIX different stores looking for lights.  I use blue lights on my tree.  No multi, no other colors, just blue.

First I went to Kmart (where I usually can find anything I need.)  They didn’t have any blue strands.  I then went to Ollie’s.  I didn’t see any lights and the place was crammed with people so I left.  I went to Dollar General and there was a man looking at the few lights they had as if he had found the holy grail.  I left there and headed to Big Lots.  No luck there.  They had some red strands, but I wanted BLUE.  I then tried Home Depot and they were no help either.  Then, I went to Target.  Fabulous Target with so many good things.  They had multi, white, green, and what was that?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  Three boxes left of blue lights.  I got two of these and happily made my way to the check out.

I came home, put them on the tree and then finished decorating it. 🙂  I think it looks pretty nice too. I’ll upload pictures to my Flickr when I finish this post.



Gem Show 2011

Yay! I went to the gem show in Martinsville last weekend!  I tell all about it in the latest podcast.  If you didn’t listen to or don’t want to listen to the podcast, here is what I bought:

A crystal ball (it’s gorgeous)

blue Quartz




and much more.


I have pictures of everything at my Flickr.  You can find a link to all my Flickr pictures to your right.  Check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂


Yes, it’s May and I haven’t posted here in a few months.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop posting here.  I just post more over at my podcast  page. I’ll try to remember to post here more often. 🙂
Well, Spring as sprung!   The trees have their leaves again.  All the plants are full and lush.  I love it!  Recently I did some yard work.  I put red mulch down in the  yard across the front of the house.  I also transplanted my four lavender plants that were around my bird bath to the front yard.  I then planted three new plants around the bird bath.

Back in April, I went to Lowe’s for their Free Tree giveaway.  The nice man that had the trees, let me get two.  They were so small and cute! They look just like a branch off a pine tree. (They are Colorado Blue Spruce!)  The instructions said to plant them in pots and let them grow in them for a year and then transplant them to the yard.  I have them in pots side by side.  They are doing well. I noticed the other day that both have new growth on them so I guess they are taking to the pots well.

Next month I hope to get some more mulch.  I need to finish up the front yard and then it will look really nice.  I didn’t have enough mulch to finish.  I would buy more, but I’m trying to save a little to go to the gem show in Martinsville next weekend.  If I go, I will post about it here and I will also do a podcast about it. 🙂  I love the Gem show!  If you want to see if this particular show is coming your way, check our their website.
Brightest Blessings to you all!

Spring is almost here!

Yes, my daffodils are blooming all over my yard.  My hyacinths are beautiful, and I even had a trio of crocuses!  The weather has been cold one day, warm the next.  I’m waiting for it to be warm every day.  I can’t wait until all the trees ‘wake up’.  I noticed some of the trees in town the other day.  They were in full bloom and so pretty!  Come on Spring!